Mobile Browser cache limits

Best practice from Yahoo

PHP and JQuery Login/signup system

Microsoft – Courier

Hate to say it but this looks awesome… Guess it’ll never turn out like this…

More in-depth guide here.
I love the round menu options. Maybe possible to make something like that for the iPad. Take the way you used to have to dial on an old phone. To be able to select options in a [...]

HTML clocks using JavaScript and CSS rotation

Facebook apps and pages…

Create a Page via
Then use this app to be able to add FBML…
Some examples are here
Things that we introduce are the quick links boxes, and a number of extra tabs. Normally it is just basic HTML and images.
Images are hosted on our clients servers and the HTML is uploaded using the Static FBML application [...]

CSS information

Forms and how to style…

Radio Buttons

CSS, Class and ID naming conventions

Set the height of divs the same via JS
var BoxHeights = {
maxh: 0,
boxes: Array(),
num: 0,
op_test: false,
equalise: function() {
this.num = arguments.length;
for (var i=0;i