Solar Roads

Solar roads

Solar-Powered Temperature Sensor


Pyfacebook – Python

Tom Igoe – Installationist

Code samples, electronic schematics, construction techniques, and vendors I rely on for making things.

iPhone + Wifi + Arduino

Open Sound Control and Processing
Source Code Available here…

Designing Emails for Lotus Notes 6,7,8 (8 usually ok)

Warped Table Cells
To trigger these kinds of glitches, 99% of the time you are using a GIF file that has a matte or background that is showing through as an extra border. You should remove the matte by making the background transparent or changing it to match the background color of your document. Or use [...]

Site –

Race around the site in a car…

Plaxo – Contact Widget

The Address Book Access Widget is a simple-to-implement snippet of JavaScript that you can embed on any web page. The Widget allows visitors to a particular site to (1) seamlessly import contacts from multiple address books, (2) select entries, and (3) enter selected data into web page forms. For the millions of existing Plaxo members, [...]

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The Engadget Show: Hands-on with Times Square

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