Where am i? – Worle High Street

Leicester city centre

Boogie woogie

Gem and I sat at a bar eating toasties just off the beach in Ibiza, when the song ‘I like to Boogie’ came over the radio, in German.

Where am i? – New York – Sony Plaza

I often think of places through out the day and more become more prominent than others, so to see how my mind works I am going to try and keep a record of where I am thinking of. Today… New York, where Gemma and I stopped for a Coffee at Starbucks in the Sony Plaza.

Paper + Computers = Games

Really innovative design and use of paper with digital media. iPhone used with paper to create games. Books that are different to convention.
‘Pawn‘ – allows you to drop on different objects onto the screen and recognises the differences between each one.
‘Pirates‘ – use an iPhone as tool to navigate a board game.
‘The book that disappears‘ [...]

Charlie Brooker – Google Instant


Apps vs the web


Multi-toe interaction

Should have developed my ideas at uni…


Interesting take on coding


Initial AR test and thoughts

Click here to print out this pattern and hold it to your webcam whilst viewing the below flash…
Click here to view the Cube flash.
Could the augmented world be reversed? So the Animation/video is on the screen until you use the pattern – ‘key’ to remove it and unlock hidden information? Try the Earth Twist… It [...]