Facebook – Dynamic profile image links

Url redirect
Add an id to retrive profile photo:
To gain various cached images sizes add the following to the end of the url…
?=_b.jpg – W200 x H154
?=_n.jpg – W200 x H154
?=_o.jpg – W200 x H154 – downloads file
?=_q.jpg – W50 x H50
?=_s.jpg – W100 x H77
?=_t.jpg – W50 x H38
e.g. To call a W50 x [...]

Flipboard for iPad

Top World Cup Players on Facebook, Day by Day

Top World Cup Players on Facebook, Day by Day

Adding FlashVars to Facebook’s

Adding FlashVars to Facebook’s fb:swf element:
You can add flashVars in the following way…
Which, with real values in it may look like this…
flashvars=”configPath=http://domainname.com/locationof/xml/config-fb.xml” />

To add more than one… simply add & at the end of each variable set.
flashvars=”configPath=http://domainname.com/locationof/xml/config-fb.xml&lc=en&cc=gb” />

A fb:swf element may look like this…

For more information on the other attributes you can assign, visit here…
Using [...]

Facebook apps and pages…

Create a Page via http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
Then use this app to be able to add FBML…
Some examples are here
Things that we introduce are the quick links boxes, and a number of extra tabs. Normally it is just basic HTML and images.
Images are hosted on our clients servers and the HTML is uploaded using the Static FBML application [...]

FBML – Adding a swf


Basically you need top supply URL of a jpg that activates the flash when clicked on