Adding FlashVars to Facebook’s

Adding FlashVars to Facebook’s fb:swf element:
You can add flashVars in the following way…
Which, with real values in it may look like this…
flashvars=”configPath=” />

To add more than one… simply add & at the end of each variable set.
flashvars=”configPath=” />

A fb:swf element may look like this…

For more information on the other attributes you can assign, visit here…
Using [...]

Flash on a mobile OSX device? Unlikely…

Google Maps API + Flash AS3

Overlays (marker)
Hacked AS1 movie to include Gmaps by importing AS1 swf into AS3 container. Then using Bitmap Image and getPixel, when the pixel was changed to specific colour associated to the right section, the map was set to display.
Firstplan –