Android activations visualised


macbook airs are quite light…

Media facades: When buildings start to twitter

Virgin Media – Ultra fast taxis

Audi production robot installation
The robots articulate messages in the form of light writing.

Paper + Computers = Games
Really innovative design and use of paper with digital media. iPhone used with paper to create games. Books that are different to convention.
‘Pawn‘ – allows you to drop on different objects onto the screen and recognises the differences between each one.
‘Pirates‘ – use an iPhone as tool to navigate a board game.
‘The book that disappears‘ [...]

Apps vs the web

The Morph project – Nokia and Cambridge

Dutch World Cup – 2010 shirts

Players heads printed into the inside of the shirts for the Ravanelli celebration…

Nike – Fish Tank – Air’s

NIKE78 – W+K Tokyo LAB | ‘ABUKU -泡-’ from NIKE78 on Vimeo.