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Cellotape Spider Web

Adding FlashVars to Facebook’s

Adding FlashVars to Facebook’s fb:swf element:
You can add flashVars in the following way…
Which, with real values in it may look like this…
flashvars=”configPath=http://domainname.com/locationof/xml/config-fb.xml” />

To add more than one… simply add & at the end of each variable set.
flashvars=”configPath=http://domainname.com/locationof/xml/config-fb.xml&lc=en&cc=gb” />

A fb:swf element may look like this…

For more information on the other attributes you can assign, visit here…
Using [...]

Dutch World Cup – 2010 shirts

Players heads printed into the inside of the shirts for the Ravanelli celebration…

Nike – Fish Tank – Air’s

NIKE78 – W+K Tokyo LAB | ‘ABUKU -泡-’ from NIKE78 on Vimeo.

World Cup Adverts

Here’s Puma’s Journey of football.

Nike’s write the future – full length.

Adidas have two main spots at the moment.
Fast vs fast with Lionel Messi, David Villa & Zinedine Zidane.

& this one.

Coca-Cola go down the road of goal celebrations.

And Sony have this effort called ‘superstar’.

And one other from Sony in the uk, a few weeks old, Sony’s [...]