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CSS, Class and ID naming conventions

WordPress Help Cheatsheet

Set the height of divs the same via JS
var BoxHeights = {
maxh: 0,
boxes: Array(),
num: 0,
op_test: false,
equalise: function() {
this.num = arguments.length;
for (var i=0;i

Web Development Mistakes…

Google Maps API + Flash AS3

Overlays (marker)
Hacked AS1 movie to include Gmaps by importing AS1 swf into AS3 container. Then using Bitmap Image and getPixel, when the pixel was changed to specific colour associated to the right section, the map was set to display.
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WP Blog as CMS

Giving WordPress its Own Directory While Leaving Your Blog in the Root Directory
Useful guide:

Urban Carpet similar to my ‘canvas’

Urban Carpet:
Artist site:

Arduino Playground

Arduino + RFID