FancyZoom 1.1 – js mootools image zoom

Email Standards

Useful for identifying email display issues…

Designing Emails for Lotus Notes 6,7,8 (8 usually ok)

Warped Table Cells
To trigger these kinds of glitches, 99% of the time you are using a GIF file that has a matte or background that is showing through as an extra border. You should remove the matte by making the background transparent or changing it to match the background color of your document. Or use [...]

Balsamiq Mockups – wireframing tool

Tool to quickly mockup wireframes of pages, interfaces etc…
Community of user generated UI components to go with it…

Mobile Web Design

Mashable guide to mobile web design

Email – build guide, info

Email Rules

Flash – Tracer

Ever wanted to view the trace output of your swf when it’s embedded in the browser?
We’ll now you can with this lovely firefox extension:
You’ll just need to make sure you have the “Adobe Flash Player 9 – Debugger Versions” installed as well

Site – list of interesting sites – love this one; very random. – love the colouring option here – clear messaging – interesting navigation – very fresh for a health/medical company

Site –

Race around the site in a car…