AR: BBC – Merlin

Initial AR test and thoughts

Click here to print out this pattern and hold it to your webcam whilst viewing the below flash…
Click here to view the Cube flash.
Could the augmented world be reversed? So the Animation/video is on the screen until you use the pattern – ‘key’ to remove it and unlock hidden information? Try the Earth Twist… It [...]

Samsung Viral Video

Samsung Viral Video

AR – Brand (new) Posibilities

Augmented reality is no longer science fiction, and innovative brands are quickly realising its marketing potential, writes Adam Woods.


Similar to my Canvas project, used to make the path someone walks across a floor light up.
See my design here.

Pinwall Installation

Pinwall | interactive facade pinball | urban screening from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

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Dreaming House

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.
Awesome projection:

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Augmented Reality on iPhone

As a demonstration of the technology, Acrossair’s software can show the subway stops visible in a particular direction and their distance relative to the user.

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Trolley Installation

Interesting exhibition site, made from photographed elements in a live exhibition. Visitors to exhibition can interact directly with the site, and viewers of the site can interact directly with the exhibition.

“The installation photographs itself regularly through each day. Each new image is then uploaded online and becomes the website’s [...]